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Management and Strategy Solutions

Insight Specialty Consulting is a boutique firm specializing in real estate strategy, project management, and management consulting. Our experience within government and as advisors to private, public, and non-profit clients provides unique insight into the best practices from each sector. Our practice areas span the continuum from high level strategy and governance through portfolio and program development to tactical project execution. Having a breadth of experience ensures a holistic response to your challenge ensuring that both the upstream big picture and downstream implementation are integrated.


The Value of Strategy

A solid strategy gives your business the direction to guide your actions going forward.  It provides the basis to measure your investments, activities, programs, and services so that you remain on target and focus your energies. It identifies strengths and weaknesses and optimizes your resources towards your goals.

Organizations can respond quickly to trends and changing conditions by having everyone on the same page. This is done with improved decision-making, efficiency, coordination, and alignment between departments and staff.

Our Values

Project Management

Figuring out scope, budget and schedule are the first steps to great project management. We help you understand your goals and requirements, locate potential pain points, and manage risk. Our team are certified Project Management Professionals with decades of experience in managing complex initiatives. 

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Real Estate Strategy

Based on best practices from public and private sectors, we offer strategic alignment and insight into real estate initiatives. Whether you need help creating self-sustaining multi-partner developments, or require portfolio strategies for your assets, we work with you to design and implement a real estate strategy that works.

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Management Consulting

Good management is key to building a thriving organization. From implementing business changes to improving internal processes, we help you seamlessly create and integrate solutions to any problem, so your business and team can shine. We utilize current best practices in the field of organizational development and are certified in the Prosci Change Management approach.

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Big Picture Thinkers

Insight Specialty Consulting is a boutique consulting firm serving public, private and non-profit sectors. We think big picture and work with organizations to improve their performance, structure and strategy. Using our extensive industry knowledge, we offer holistic insights and guidance catered to your organization’s needs.

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Exploring the Impact

 – Canada's Proposed Renter's Bill of Rights on Housing Market Dynamics

Amidst Canada's evolving housing landscape, the proposed Renter's Bill of Rights stands as a first step to address the power imbalance between tenants and landlords. This proposal aims to correct longstanding inequities but raises questions about its potential impact and the role of government intervention.

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Jurisdictional Scans

 – Navigating the Global Landscape

In today’s globalized environment, making informed decisions is more crucial than ever.  This applies to businesses, government departments, and non-profit agencies, and across sectors and services.  Organizations need tools to provide a broad view of how similar challenges are addressed worldwide to stay competitive and agile. Enter jurisdictional scans: an unsung hero in the knowledge toolkit. Yet, despite its value, its full potential and application is under-appreciated.

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