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Medical / Scientific Process Optimization Program

Transformation Leadership and Change Initiative.

ISC was retained to act as the transformational leader for a significant process improvement and change initiative within a large biomedical firm. As part of a recent merger, the laboratory physicians from each company were transitioning to working as one team. This required the services of a consultant to help design the new processes, protocols, equipment, and IT requirements to ensure the team had what they needed to operate efficiently and effectively. The program had a number of sub-projects which addressed specific testing streams and medical specialities. This program was highly collaborative, with deep involvement from all staff levels. The program saw tasks being allocated to the right skill set, so that the laboratory physicians could concentrate on clinical issues rather than procedural or administrative tasks.

The challenge with this program was considerable mistrust between the laboratory physicians and the corporate body as a result of previous failed initiatives, and a high level of reluctance from the team to participate in this program. The development of new processes and workflows required the development of corresponding Standards of Practice and training materials, as well as changes to the IT system to accommodate new equipment and inputs.