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Municipal Asset Management Program

Mid-term Evaluation; governance and processes.

ISC was engaged to undertake a mid-term evaluation on the Municipal Asset Management Program on behalf of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The program seeks to advance asset management capacity, allowing municipalities to make better informed infrastructure investment decisions. This eight year, $110million national program has recently been recapitalized, and is expected to reach some 3,000 small and rural municipalities across Canada. This evaluation looks internally, examining how FCM can improve their governance and processes to better facilitate the program in its final years. There were three focus questions used in the evaluation matrix:

  1. How does MAMP fit into and align with the larger FCM context and municipal environment?
  2. How are MAMP’s governance and processes contributing to the success of the program?
  3. What results have been achieved in the first four years of the program?

From these overarching questions, several clarifying questions have been incorporated to reveal additional aspects of FCM’s successes and challenges. The research program started with a thorough examination of the body of existing literature to understand the current context and ensure that the research program did not duplicate prior efforts. The research approach was developed, targeting gaps in the existing body of knowledge. Interviews were held with internal staff at all levels, and there were five focus groups with external program participants to gather their thoughts on what FCM was doing well. The final report answers the evaluation questions, and provides recommendations for improvements, particularly in the areas of governance and processes. It will provide tangible actions for implementation, along with next steps to facilitate the improvements.