Exploring the Impact of Canada’s Proposed Renter’s Bill of Rights on Housing Market Dynamics

April 11, 2024

Management Consulting

Amidst Canada's evolving housing landscape, the proposed Renter's Bill of Rights stands as a first step to address the power imbalance between tenants and landlords. This proposal aims to correct longstanding inequities but raises questions about its potential impact and the role of government intervention. more

Jurisdictional Scans: Navigating the Global Landscape

January 8, 2024

Management Consulting

In today's globalized environment, making informed decisions is more crucial than ever.  This applies to businesses, government departments, and non-profit agencies, and across sectors and services.  Organizations need tools to provide a broad view of how similar challenges are addressed worldwide to stay competitive and agile. Enter jurisdictional scans: an unsung hero in the knowledge toolkit. Yet, despite its value, its full potential and application is under-appreciated. more

The Essence of Stakeholder Engagement: Understanding, Aligning, and Strategizing

January 3, 2024

Project Management Stakeholder Engagement

The term 'stakeholder' refers to individuals or entities with a vested interest in a particular project or initiative. This interest can arise from their role in its execution or because they're affected by its outcomes. Stakeholders can be anyone, from groups directly impacted by a project's results to organizations with the power to influence its direction. more

Serving our Seniors – Temporary Housing Solutions

November 9, 2023


ISC was recently invited to participate in a Mini Consulting Corp session facilitated by the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE).  The session worked with the Seniors Services Society of BC (SSSBC) and addressed the immediate needs of seniors for temporary and emergency housing across BC.  Seniors comprise a large and growing number of the unhoused population, and one of the challenges is identifying temporary or emergency housing that can be accessed immediately while the development and construction processes unfold simultaneously. more

Needs Assessments

July 14, 2023


The asset / deficit approach for needs assessments looks not only at what is missing from the current program suite but also at what exists to be built upon.  Rather than focusing exclusively on the problem, which can lead to participants feeling negative or insufficient, it also looks at what good works exist in a positive frame.  It changes the conversation from ‘What are you doing wrong’ to ‘What are you doing right’.  A balanced approach takes into account the existing body of work while identifying the gaps to be filled. more